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I Z A N A 
v i o l i n

Born in Span, Izana starts learning musique during her childhood  with her mother. After finishing her studies in modern violin she starts learning baroque violin with Hiro Kurosaki at RCSMM at Madrid. She completes her education with a pedagogical instruction.


During her professional career she decided to stop working for the Department of Education at Madrid Government to follow her artistic instinct and she moves to Brussels where she starts studying with Mira Glodeanu and Benoît Douchy at CRB.


She lives in Brussels since 2011, working with musical ensembles from this country and also from France, Holland and Spain, as Ad Mosam, Collegium Orpheus, La Capilla Real and Hippocampus.


In 2011 she records her first CD “Bach en Vallekas”, a work of Bach cantates with Hippocampus Ensemble. She is a founding member of BarrocoTout, baroque music ensemble based in Brussels.

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